Winning Video - Tree Wells to Sea Swells

Last Friday was the winter edition of the Through The Lens film competition in Queenstown. I WON with this video...


Special thanks must go to all those who helped with the trip and the filming of the shots:

Sophie Stevens, Will Oswald, Marko Ikävalko, Sam Murray, Nick & Shelly Kingston, Paul Stevens & Kerri-Ann Thibeau, Becky Pritchard & Juan Pablo Lezcano, Tony Precious & Frae Cairns, James & Caroline Stevens, Dick & Sarah Geddes, Tim Pritchard, Mark Walker, Miff Macdiarmid, Stephanie Whitaker, Keone Campbell, Sage McBride, Doug Richards, Martin White, Nick Kingston, Fabien Lentsch, Mike Brunschwiler, Eric Zeller, Neil Williman, Felix Price, Jack Grundy.

The mean beats (Music) can be purchased here:

El Diablo - The Eerie Green (North America) Dromtorp - Plastic Mermaids (Iceland) The Bear - Shred Kelly (Europe)