See a weekly report from the snow from anywhere NZ of me chatting about conditions in mid shred!

You know what's more fun than sitting at home complaining about conditions??? GOING SKIING.
Spring has sprung, the days are longer, snow bases are thick over much of the country so it will be a great year for spring ski touring! Just be aware of conditions. Saturday and Sunday look mainly fine and clear but some weather developing in the west on Sunday, The freezing level looks very high on both days including overnight so keep an eye on that for ski touring travel. If you are fresh to ski touring the Doolans out the back of The Remarkables is a great safe place to start!
Treble Cone, famed for it’s legendary off piste terrain and boasting as the largest ski area in the South Island, is set to get lots more cold snow this weekend followed by clear skies. Saturday should start clear but clouds over in the avo and dumps Saturday night. Sunday will start ok again but then will probably be dumping snow by the afternoon. This weekend also kicks off Winter Pride NZ in Queenstown, so if you're down to get proud, keen for some white stuff and into trying something new then make the trip to Treble Cone.
Southern Lakes Heliski (SLHS) is good for guaranteed fresh untracked pow, and right now the Southern Lakes hills are loaded with the fluffy white goods. Leading into the weekend the forecast is showing more light cold snow then calm and clear for Saturday and Sunday. If you have ever thought about doing a heliski then this weekend is the time to drop the cash! SLHS caters to all abilities from intermediate upwards.
Cardrona is famous for having the best terrain park in NZ, but also has features for all abilities. Cardrona host numerous wold class events and coming up is the Audi Quattro Winter Games! The forecast for Cardrona this weekend looks pretty good with a perfect sunny Saturday, with a little cloud and slight northerly on Sunday. Get up there for some of the insane action with the Audi Quattro Winter Games from 24th August to 8th September, all free to watch!
Coronet Peak is one of NZ’s lowest ski fields with a peak of about 1650m but is having its best snow coverage for years! If you love playful terrain and natural jumps then this is the season to hit it! The forecast for Coronet this weekend looks better on Saturday with hopefully good sun all day with little wind, but cloudy on Sunday with a little nor-eastly and maybe some snow Sunday night. Get up there for Night Ski after work on Friday and on Saturday nights, there is a chance of snow on Friday day so possibility of some fresh under lights!
The Remarkables has had several dumps of fresh snow this week and due for a little more on Saturday night, the park has been re shaped this season and the medium line is running super smooth with nice, high knuckle, fun size, low consequence booters! The forecast for Remarks this weekend looks like patchy cloud with a little snow on Saturday. There is a chance Sunday could be a good powder day with the potential for 15 cms of new snow, the sun might just be shining too! If fresh snow is not your thing then maybe the terrain park which is running mint, or one of the many corduroy pistes or even a brewski in the Ice Bar up survey Basin.
Broken River, the mountain of love where many happy couples meet is in for a good storm of new snow this weekend! Be prepared for a 30min walk up from the carpark through gorgeous native mossy forest then take on the challenge of the “Nut Cracker” tows - a true kiwi experience. The forecast for Broken River this weekend looks like warm wet and windy on Saturday but turning to snow Saturday afternoon/evening. Sunday might be a good powder day with lots of new snow, weather could be a little patchy but you just might get lucky with sun - you got to be in to win! There is a big system of potential new snow moving up the south island nailing most of the resorts so keep an eye on your local hill!
Rainbow is looking great at the moment with 30cms of fresh over the whole mountain! Avalanche danger is HIGH over the Nelson Lakes and much of the rest of the country. If you were planning on heading into the backcountry this weekend then consider altering your plans and be sure to check for the advisory. The forecast for Rainbow looks like more snow for the weekend, but dress warm and snow proof because it might not be super sunny. Be sure to take chains for your vehicle as all vehicles going up the Rainbow road are required to carry chains. Be careful if you go backcountry or even just outside the ski area boundary, the risk of avalanche is just as high no matter how deep in the hills you go. Check if you have any prospect of going to un controlled areas, they have a great mobile app so you can check it on the run!
Mt Hutt is looking a little wet and windy over the weekend, but so is the whole country! They have of a min snow depth of 48cm up to 94cm. Hopefully they have the hot tub operating for you to enjoy! The forecast looks very windy but sunny on Saturday. Sunday looks less windy but also less sunny. But one thing I have learnt from 27 years of skiing is you never regret going! Take togs and a towel to the top of the Summit Six Chair for Spa!
Head to Mt Lyford this weekend if you’re near North Canterbury or South Marlborough! They’re open for the season with wall to wall white of a min snow depth of 65cm up to over a 1 metre. Come up and enjoy NZ’s sunniest ski field which is about 2 metres higher since the Kaikoura earthquake! The forecast looks like calm and sunny on Saturday. Sunday could be windy with a little drizzle so get up here Saturday for the best weather. Be sure to pop in for aprés at the Mt Lyford Lodge or stay in their cosy log cabin and soak those sore legs in their hot tubs with a view!
Head to Treble Cone for its opening this weekend! Over 1 metre snow base at the top of the mountain and more snow forecast for the weekend so get up there for a Powder Day! Could be a blizzard so dress warm and drink mulled wine. The forecast looks like cloudy and snow increasing on Saturday with more that night. Sunday might be patches of sun to enjoy the over night pow then more snow. Monday and Tuesday look like good powder days too! Treble Cone, Whakapapa and Mt Lyford are also opening this weekend.
Head to Remarks this weekend for a great snow base and blow out the summer cobb webs. Looks like Saturday is the slightly better day with cloud and hopefully some sun and maybe even some snow on Sunday. Off piste might be a bit firm but the trails will be great for getting the legs back in shape! Today the road is open and chain free with clear blue skies at the moment. It's -1C degrees up there with a fat 55-90 cm of snow base for you to get out there and enjoy. Cardrona and Coronet both open on Saturday too!

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