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Austrian Winter – Shooting, Filming, Road Trips & Injury

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

November was full of great preseason skiing and a tough month to follow but December kicked off like this:

Then after a fantastic Xmas and New Year with family and friends it was time for some productivity to generate some media…


YOU & THE FOOLS – EP1 (early Jan)
Just after the new year I began skiing for the El Flamingo’s winter production You & The Fools. The “Fools” being Flo Preuss, Sven Rauber, Jochen Mesle, Neil Williman & myself, first episode below.

Here is a POV shot of my Lincoln Loop off the cliff in that episode:





JAMES BOND (early Jan)
Straight after which I started some top secret work on the new James Bond Movie “Spectre” due to be released in October, you may just see a clip where I am skiing in the movie! Here is a sneak preview of where I was working, just metres from Bond shooting badies!: First behind the scenes Footage




Then it was off to the Planks Team Week in Morzine, France for skiing shooting and good times with old friends and fellow Planks team riders Tove Kockum and Neil Williman among others and hosted splendidly by Rob Embling, the Planks team manager, in the Mountain Mavericks chalet.

Old pow lip slash in the slack country of Morzine, we were guided by many super friendly locals! Photo: Tom Humpage


“I GOT THIS HAT FOR FREEEEE!” Neil and I owning the dance floor in Morzine. Thanks Mountain Mavericks for hooking up the chalet, food, booze & this party! Photo: Tom Humpage


Willikum (lovely couple Neil Williman & Tove Kockum) taking in the French Alps at the end of days shooting with the Planks team




We struggled with snow conditions on the Planks Team Week and just as we left it cruelly began to dump. But much to my glee we also got the same storm back in Innsbruck and got to ski some epic fresh powder days! Below are a few turns from one such epic day spent at Stubaier Gletscher with Anne Stevens, Laura Perfler, Johannes Von Kirshbaum and Dani Hochmuth.




INJURED (early Feb)
Soon after these great pow days I tore my calf muscle on a the landing of small cliff I had done many times before. The prognosis was at lease 6 weeks off skiing – gutting.

Getting wheeled in to hospital by “carer” Sophie with a badly torn calf muscle. Photo: Ellie Stevens


But I keep myself busy… I was offered the opportunity to work for Gopro on the Freeride World Tour stops in Fieberbrunn and Kappl which was a great experience meeting some fantastic people.

Keeping busy while injured – working for Gopro at the Fieberbrunn stop of the Freeride World Tour. Photo: Unknown


I also attended the ISPO Munich (International Sports Business Connected) which is the major trade show for snow sports in Europe. I hobbled many kms around the huge complex on my crutches to put a face to people who previously were just an email address to me and of course finished the day with an interview & beer!


2015/2016 line up of the beautiful K2 Skis range! The new “Pinnacle” freeride ski is the business


Martina Weidel and I at the Icebreaker booth, we know each other from 10 years ago in Wanaka, NZ! Photo: Another IB employee


Fellow athletes Neil Williman & Jochen Mesle from the EL Flamingos production series You & The Fools enjoy a beer and an interview with Epic TV. Photo: Rob Embling




I got the opportunity to work on the James Bond production again but this time in a more sedimentary role (keeping the punters out of the filming area) with my girlfriend, Sophie. The job was easy to say the least and we had so much down time that over 5 days that we built an Ice Bar complex complete with a 6 man Ice Cave including a bed for snoozes. We were so bored by the end of the week that we started to serve drinks to the public and invite people to join us “at work” (chilling in the sun and watching the action).

Sophie in the “Bond Bar & Chilling Complex” that we built. This is early morning prepping the bar for the punters to arrive that day


Inside the snow cave I built with a bed and candles at the back. The door to the cave is just to the right of the bar in the photo above


The Bond Bar in full swing with fellow Bond employee Ludwig Dengg serving the holiday makers




By about the 2nd of March I was able to ski gently again and just in time to shred with old Kiwi mate Hamish Smith who brought a bunch of fresh snow with him which I could not resist! But my still healing torn calf muscle did not enjoy the long pow days as much as I did…

Hamish Smith on one of many lonely powder days with freshies to ourselves at Axamer Lizum


After Hiking for the rest of the fresh snow after the weather cleared, Leo Rauch and I ripped up a couloir


This how my leg with the torn calf muscle looked after each day skiing – tad swollen. Photo: Sophie Stevens




I was honoured to be invited to judge the Dutch and Belgium freeride Championship (Poederbaas Freeride Festival) in Goldeck, Austria (4 hours away in the Salzburg region). I took my girlfriend Sophie and fellow freeskier Neil Williman, who was also injured, as another judge. It was a fantastic event with such a great bunch people who really understand what freeskiing is about – Fun! Thanks so much to Bart, Stenmar, Paul, Maartin, Irian, Boaz & Sanne, “Blonde Pong” and everyone else for such a great time!

As we arrived in Goldeck, Austria I immediately had to jump into the beautiful Millstätter See. Photo: Sophie Stevens


Paul de Groot, winner of the Ski Men’s division and Bart Verbeek, one of the founders of Poerderbaas, in the morning sun before day 1 of competition


Jagerbombs in the tiny bottle while compiling the riders scores with the weeks MC (L) and Stenmar, another founder of Poederbaas (R)


Belgium won the party prize – this is only day one




As soon as I returned from the Poederbaas Freeride Festival, which was more of a 4 day party, I was looking forward to some days off but just hours after returning I was ask to join a guy called Markus Ascher and his friend Hannes Scheinder on a road trip in Markus’ super sick, self-converted campervan south to Italy near the Mediterranean Sea where they were getting metres of snow. With my torn calf muscle feeling better I could not refuse so I packed and left with them immediately. We drove right through the night and arrived at 9am the next morning in Prato Nevoso. Wasting no time the 3 of us booted up and hit the fresh Italian pow. We skied storm pow in the trees for 2 days and on the third day, after skiing powder under a clear blue sky, left for Mediterranean at lunch. By 4pm on the very same powder day we were on the beach swimming in the sea. An epic, spontaneous road trip! Read about it in the current issue of NZ Skier Magazine. Thanks to Gherry for hooking us up in Prato Nevoso!

Getting tits deep in Prato Nevoso on day 1 of the Roady. Photo: Markus Ascher


Hannes in The Powder Bus! Never have I seen such an epic campervan converted with such thought, love and care


Apparently Prato Nevoso deals with this quantity of snow weekly! Photo: Markus Ascher


Inside the Powder Bus Markus (R) cooks up dinner while Hannes (L) dreams of tomorrows powder plans (the bed folds out above)


One of my last runs before leaving for the beach as the snow was getting heavy. Photo: Markus Ascher


Hannes (L) & Markus (R) take in the view from Prato Nevoso after the weather cleared on the 3rd day


A dip in the Mediterranean Sea at Arenzano. Photo: Hannes Schneider


Markus (L) & Hannes (R) chilling in the long Med suntset before driving home to Innsbruck, Austria




April came around and with it came one final weather system of cold fresh snow. Weather enthusiast and FWT rider, Charlie Lyons, saw it coming from a few days out and suggested we throw my camera between us to try bag some shots in Hochfugen, Austria for a day. It worked! We both got publishings in NZ Magazines – NZ Skier and NZ Ski & Snow – both mags on shelfs now.

Old school shifty in Hochfugen, Austria. Photo: Charlie Lyons


A double page spread I had published in NZ Skier of Charlie with a massive roaster


Straight line fun on the FWQ 4* comp face in Hochfugen, Austria. Photo: Charlie Lyons



Powder Wheelie!!! Photo: Charlie Lyons


My Girlfriend, Sophie, getting it done on the steeps on the same day!


Lukas Zögernitz about to drop in for the shot with Charlie Lyons on the left


Got the Shot. Lukas Zögernitzs slaying it up!


And checkout a cheeky little straight line POV video from the straight line image 5 photos back up above…




Just 3 days later we got another powder day but this time I was on my own with professional photographer Jakob Schweighofer shooting for Icebreaker back at Stubaier Gletscher.

Getting deep at Stubai at 3000m. Photo: Jakob Schweighofer


Pow stomp landing from a narrow chute. Photo: Jakob Schweighofer


Coming out of the whiteroom. Photo: Jakob Schweighofer


Pow Pillow, Stubai. Photo: Jakob Schweighofer


More Powder Wheelies. Photo: Jakob Schweighofer


Cold snowy beard – sign of a great day! Photo: Jakob Schweighofer


An epic last run in the late sun on a great day. Photo: Jakob Schweighofer




Then it was time for the 5th and final episode of You & The Fools by El Flamingo Films which was filmed in Montofon. This time we were joined by Max Kroneck, an extra “Fool”. I had missed episodes 2, 3 & 4 due to my niggling torn calf muscle but the last one was a good relaxed spring sign off!




After returning from Montafon it was time for closing day on our local ski hill near Innsbruck, Axamer Lizum. Dress ups, drinks and debauchery with a bit of skiing.

One of the 2 runs I did that day in sunnies, cap, jeans and Icebreaker shirt, I had an urge to go upside down but over shot the shit out of this backflip! Photo: Lukas Zögernitz


Axams new “6 man chairlift”! (L-R): myself, Robert Stoeckel, Anne Stevens, Betty Larl, Sophie Stevens, Cecci Gobi. Photo: don’t remember


Human Pyramid! Bottom row: (L-R) Lukas Zögernitz, unknown, myself, Robert Stoeckel. Second row: Michi Trojer, Cecci Gobi, Anne Stevens. 3rd row: Fleur Simons, Betty Larl. Top: Sophie Stevens. Photo: no idea




TRAINING FOR MONT BLANC (mid – late April)
But my season was not quite done. I had made a commitment to attempt to climb and ski descend Mont Blanc for an Epic TV production from 25th April to the 3rd May so I still had to train. Out came the light touring gear and I did several, long high altitude tours with a night spent sleeping above 3000m.

Training on Großglockner over 3400m (highest mountain in the Tirol region of Austria). Photo: Michi Trojer


On top of a sub peak of Großglockner (the peak was full of people) and test some filming gadgets. (L-R): Christoph Waldhör, Alex Mörtl, Michi Trojer


Mountain enthusiast and super nice guy, Alex Mörtl and I stayed in this hut at exactly 3000m for acclimatisation in preparation for Mont Blanc


My last day skiing in Austria this winter. Alex and I on top of Pfeffenkogel (3366m) with the Stubai valley and Innsbruck in the background. Photo: a nice old lady



Thats my Austrian 2014/2015 season in nutshell. To see how we went in Chamonix climbing Mt Blanc please wait patiently for the edits to be released on Epic TV!

Happy Summer Europeans… Bring on Winter again Kiwis!!!

Preseason Austria – Unreal Skiing!

Monday, December 1st, 2014

I arrived in Innsbruck, on the 22nd of October and really did not expect to really be skiing until December. With most resorts still not open I have somehow managed to have my best October/November of skiing ever!


It all started when I found that my long time shred buddy Neil Williman just happened to be on the same plane as me flying from London to Munich!



When we arrived we realised it was snowing on the hills!



That night was the world premiere of Whiteroom Productions latest ski movie Trail and Error, which I spent many days filming as a cameraman last Austrian winter



The next day Neil, Lukas and I struggled through a hungover to tour up a near by resort (which was closed) to enjoy our first pow turns on the season, on October 23rd! (L) Lukas Zoegernitz, (R) myself, photo: Neil Williman



Touring back to the main road after a sensational run of powder. (L) Lukas Zoegernitz, (R) Neil Williman


The following day after the weather had cleared we travel 1.5 hours to an open resort and had our first resort day riding lifts in 1 metre of fresh pow, people told us there was not enough base to do what we were doing but we did not care…



One of the many pillow lines I got to shred that day. Photo: Lukas Zoegernitzs


Just a few days later we had another fun day at the same resort sessioning some windlip jumps


After all the powder was gone I had a couple days in the park, here is one of those days…


Standing above the Stubai park before a super fun morning of hitting the “pro line”. Photo: Lukas Zoegernitz



And when the weather is no good for skiing I have been out on my bike, it’s awesome for trail riding here!


At the top of one of the local trail rides with my trusty Giant Trance 2 that also took me 1300km around Sri Lanka. Photo: Lukas Zoegernitz


Recently we got even more snow, so we had another epic pow day with great people.


(L-R) Myself, Lukas Zoegernitz & Claudia Klobasa on top of a hike just before an awesome, totally fresh run



Lukas slaying the run down from the hike we did (photographed above)


I had a slightly close call on the last run of that day but managed to ski out fast enough to avoid any incident…



The great crew that we shared that day with (L-R) myself, Alberto Giacomolli, Lukas Zoegernitz, Claudia Klobasa & fellow K2 team rider Birgit Ertl


That snow seemed to stick around for ages, this is shredding the same snow from the same snowfall almost a week later at a different resort!


Getting some shameless GP selfies while riding with flatmate and FWT snowboarder Alex Hoffmann



Stoking out to be in the mountains! Photo: Alex Hoffmann


The next day Joi Hoffmann, Michi Trojer, David Pitchmann, Arthur Ökostron and I returned to same resort and climbed a peak to take more advantage of the long lasting pow! Below is a nice little edit of that day by Joi Hoffmann, filmed by myself and Joi.



Making the long skin up the valley and over a glacier (L-R) Arthur Ökostron, Michi Trojer and David Pitchmann



Myself making the long skin up. Photo: Joi Hoffmann



Me on the peak, freezing cold at over 3600m. They love to put crosses on all the high peaks if you’re wondering what the structure is to my left. Photo: Michi Trojer


Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 9.31.32 pm

And the aweome ski down! I just feels better when you have hiked it…


For the last few days I have been just shredding around on nice, dry, hard, “chalky” snow – but I love this type of snow!

Stubai_20141129-15 (1)

Shredding some “chalky” snow, I love it! Photo: Lukas Zoegernitz


As I sit here in my room in Innsbruck with the bad weather outside I do believe it is snowing up high! So here is to hoping for as much fun in December and the rest of the season as I have just had in November!


Me at “work” getting the ski admin done…

NZ – A Short Trip Home

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Instead of living for most of the year in New Zealand and then going for a relatively short ski trip in the Northern Hemisphere, this year I am doing the opposite. I have just returned from a 3 month trip to NZ based out of Queenstown – as it turns out home is a cool place to visit!


Heli skiing photo shoot with Southern Lakes Heliski for Snow Action magazine and Photo: Dan Power



It was not all fun and games though, it was a working holiday so when conditions were not ripe for skiing I was working hard as an arborist. As it happens in NZ sometimes, the snow was fickle and lacking for most of July so I spent much of my time working, which is not such a bad thing since I have almost paid off my student loan!

photo 2

On the job with Jimmy Carling in Queenstown, NZ




While the days were sunny and the snow pack was trust worthy Jeremy Lyttle and I had an unsuccessful attempt on Mt Brewster. See my previous blog post about this.

Mt Brewster 036

Looking up at the summit of Brewster and possible ski descents from the top. Photo: Jeremy Lyttle



Walking along the knife edge West Ridge of Brewster



Through early to mid August came new snow and fun times!


The “Fat Friday” of the season, up at The Remarkables midweek smashing waist deep pow all day long with no one else around as my tracks filled in with the storm snow – PERFECT


pete dropping 7

This north facing sunny aspect line at The Remarkables is one which I have wanted to shred for a couple of seasons and was finally on for only one day this season! Photo: Sam Lynch


pete dropping 20

The face sits above a chairlift so it had been bombed but I still released a lot of sluff and some thin slab which I managed ok. Photo: Sam Lynch


pete dropping 24

Flying out the bottom! It was a really fun, high speed line! Photo: Sam Lynch


Remarks frame grab 9-8-14ps

Getting off “Hunger Buster” or the “Mid-station Cliff” at Remarks. The plan was to go and backy it for a photo but this one was also only on for that one day



Sessioning “The Breakfast Rocks” also at Remarks with Hamish Smith and Taylor Rapley. Photo: Sam Lynch




Then in Mid August the photographer, Dan “The Danimal” Power, and my good friend Lukas Zoegernitz (also a journalist for turned up to share the fun for the last month. But unfortunately for us it failed to snow even once in the entire duration of that last month! So we did what we could with average snow and endless sunny days…

The three of us hungout and hunted around the local resorts for any remnants of a decent photo… The Remarkables, Coronet Peak, Treble Cone & Cardrona.


A big slow backy in the Remarks side country. Photo: Dan Power



Nose butter 3 at Coronet Peak’s night ski. Photo: Dan Power



Lukas & I with Henry Youngman – my good friend and local radio host on More FM at Coronet Peak night ski in the last light of sunset. Photo: Dan Power



360 blunt in Cardrona’s’ epic park. Photo: Dan Power



Touring in the Cardrona backcountry for any sign of untracked dry snow. Photo: Dan Power



And we found some good dry snow weeks after the last snowfall in the Cardies backcountry. Photo: Lukas Zoegernitz



When we were tired and sweaty from hunting dry snow Dan would still not stop shooting, here he is sneaking brand shots for Icebreaker! Photo: Lukas Zoegernitz


Pete Oswald (NZ)

Slashing scenic piste at Treble Cone. Photo: Dan Power



I spent lots of time riding around in cars enjoying my own country as a tourist! Photo: Lukas Zoegernitz



Partying for Lukas’ 30th birthday!



The photographers alterego, “The Danimal” coming out to play… Oblivious to his broken glass from cheersing way too hard!



When we got sick of forcing photos in rubbish snow we took down days on the bikes



We were lucky enough to get a days heli skiing with Southern Lakes Heliski! We had a window of 3 weeks to do it so we waited and waited for fresh snow but when we realised that it probably wasn’t going to come before we left the country we just had to get up there and make the most of it. Lucky for us our excellent guide, Ian, managed to find us good pockets of dry soft powder! Never a dull day with SLHS!!


Looking for the next heli line. Photo: Dan Power



Getting dropped at the top and left to it. Photo: Dan Power



Dropped this one off the top nose into a pocket of soft snow. It was the only decent sized cliff that was on for the heli day. Photo: Lukas Zoegernitz



Getting NZ scenic shots. Photo: Lukas Zoegerntiz



On the last run of the day I found a stranded and injured sheep! So I pick her up and skied her down to a flat area with grass. Pretty sure she was fine and would survive. Photo: Dan Power


Sheep Rescue Collage (BLOG)

Turns out that the sheep rescue photos went virally mental as well as on mainstream media! Newpaper covers, magazine covers, radio interviews, international news, websites and even a womans’s weekly magazine! Photos: Dan Power



Lukas and I pumped at the end of a great day! Photo: Dan Power



The crew on the heli day in front of Lake Wakatipu – L-R: Myself, Lukas Zoegernitz & Dan Power the photographer



In my last week in NZ we went north to Ohau Snow Feilds, Lake and Lodge – what an epic place and nice people!


Shifty off the cornice. Photo: Dan power



Hiking back out of a line at Ohau. Photo: Dan Power



Lukas sporting Planks Ski Clothing (and the right attitude)



Dan the photographer pointing out a potential shot to Nat Segal, a fellow Icebreaker team mate



Lukas admiring the view from Ohau Snow Fields of Mt Cook, NZ’s highest mountain



A delicious hearty meal and fine wine from the team at Ohau lodge to celebrate a great couple of days with fantastic people! L-R: Veronica Asmus, Nat Segal, myself, Lukas Zoegernitz, Ed Rawlings & Mike Hanford. Photo: Dan Power


Hot Tubs Omarama-027

A hot tub at Omarama Hot Tubs to round of the trip in the Mckenzie Country. L-R: Lukas Zoegernitz, Doug Stoddart, Nat Segal, myself, Mike Hanford, Ed Rawlings & Veronica Asmus. Photo: Dan Power



Then 2 days at home to see my family (1 day spend in the mountains & 1 day spent on the sea) before jetting back overseas…


Mum and I on top of Sixone Peak at Rainbow Ski Area, Nelson Lakes – my home mountain where I learnt to ski. I had not been there for 12 prior! So good to get back there and what an awesome little hidden gem!



Sailing to the family bach on the family yacht for a quick chill out before flying away again. L-R: Mum, Deigo Dominguez (a very friendly hitch hiker I picked up driving home to Blenheim), Lukas & Dad



Now I’m back on the Isle of Wight, UK with my girlfriend, Sophie, and her family before flying back to Innsbruck, Austria for the full season there.


Sailing in “Bart’s Bash“, a fundraising sailing event for Andrew “Bart” Simpson who died during the San Francisco America’s cup. We were sailing a Feva sailing dinghy (designed for 2 small people). L-R: Sophie Stevens, Harry Oswald (my sister who lives in London) & myself. Photo: Seb Godsmark



The skate hill to the Gurnard water front. Photo: Sophie Stevens



Sophie flying her kite on Compton beach where the two of us went camping just after I got back



Soph and I about to cook up a feast on the fire!


Now I am just counting down the days till skiing again in Austria!!! I leave you with the teaser for Trail & Error, Whiteroom Productions new movie for which I spent many days filming last European winter. It is premiering in Innsbruck on the 22nd of October, if you are in Innsbruck I hope to see you there!

YouTube Preview Image